Our Future

As we look towards our next decade of service to the students and communities we serve, we invite you to become a part of that vision and NEO’s future.
Click on the  “Back 20” focus areas below to learn more, offer input and contribute to our plans for NEO’s future.

We’ll be introducing a new “focus area” every few weeks over the coming  months.  Be sure to stop back frequently.

BACK 20 - Learning Pavilion

Imagine an outdoor pavilion nestled into a woodland setting, perfect for outdoor learning and community gatherings.

BACK 20 - Access Bridge

The first step in NEO's plans to access our more than 20 acres of woodlands and wetlands is construction of a footbridge over the creek.

BACK 20- Other Ideas

Twenty acres is a lot of space and leaves plenty of room for a variety of exciting ideas. What's your vision for NEO's "Back 20"?

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for the “Back 20”.

Foot Bridge Access

Access  to NEO’s “Back 20” acres of woodlands starts with construction of a foot bridge over a creek running through our property.  Plans are being drawn up to construct a bridge in Spring of 2022.

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Pollinator Gardens

A pollinator garden is one that attracts bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds or other beneficial creatures that transfer pollen from flower to flower. These animals perform the crucial ecosystem service of pollination–making it possible for our food and flowers to grow.

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Nature Trails

Creating a nature trail on NEO’s Back 20 is a great way to let our students and the communities we serve connect with the living world around them. Our Nature Trail will help NEO preserve important natural landscapes and habitats and can create a link to the outdoors, providing opportuntiies for recreation and exercise.

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Birdwatching & Sanctuary

With more than 20 acres of woodlands and wetlands, our Back 20 presents an ideal opporunity for bird watching.  This natural asset can provide schools and interested individuals with educational experiences in restoration, conservation, and wildlife habitats.

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Environmental stewardship and economic justice are central to NEO’s mission of serving both our students and the communities which we serve.

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“The opportunities for outdoor learning & recreation in the naturalized areas surrounding NEO’s campus is amazing”

 – Liz Wuerfful

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